NoCapX 2020 IR’s to MCEA, WOW, Waltons, Fresh Energy

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Busy day… here are the NoCapX 2020 IRs to MCEA, WOW, Waltons and Fresh Energy, and one for NAWO too:

NoCapX 2020 IR 1-2 to MCEA et al

NoCapX 2020 IR 3-4 to MCEA et al

NoCapX 2020 IR 5-6 to MCEA et al

IR 5a Attachment – NEITS paper – WOW & UCS

IR 5b Attachment – NEITS AWEA Presentation 3/29/04

NoCapX 2020 IR 7-9 to MCEA et al

NoCapX 2020 IR 10 to MCEA et al + NAWO

NoCapX 2020 IR 11-12 to MCEA et al

Let’s see what’s under these rocks…

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