CapX info dump in Fargo docket

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Oh my… I guess they’re worried that we’ve demonstrated they shorted the house counts and the magnetic fields are as extreme as I’ve been saying…

Here’s what started the issue about house counts — Scott Hylla’s testimony that the numbers of homes were way low:

NoRCA – Hylla & Schmitt Direct Testimony

Then Applicants’ Info Request to NoRCA about the missing houses:

Applicants’ IR-1 to NoRCA

And our response:

Cover Letter to Applicants

Reply Detail

DEIS Maps Utilized

And our filing a few days later of the maps that they’d requested, this after driving the routes, knocking on people’s doors, verifying they were homes people lived in:

Cover Letter – Revised Response

Missing Residences – Complete – Revised

Missing Homes – Maps Update

And then Darrin Lahr’s Surrebuttal Testimony addressing NoRCA’s demonstration of claims regarding missing houses:

Applicant’s Darrin Lahr’s Surrebuttal


And on the EMF issue, here’s the convoluted path that took — what started it all was an Affidavit filed by Bruce McKay in the Brookings routing remand docket:

Affidavit of Bruce McKay, P.E. – Magnetic Field Calculations

Oops, their painfully low calculated magnetic field levels are exposed… and that’s reflected in Darrin Lahr’s testimony in this Fargo docket:

Darrin Lahr Direct Testimony + Schedules 1-7

Look at the difference here — first the magnetic fields chart from the application:

And the magnetic fields in Darrin Lahr’s testimony after the Affidavit of Bruce McKay exposed their low estimates:

Magnetic Fields modeling on 600 & 1200 MVA

To get a bigger chart, just click on it.

And today, here’s the poop that they filed about EMF — last minute testimony, last minute surrebuttal, and what testimony is it rebutting?

Surrebuttal of Dan Kline

Surrebuttal of Peter Valberg

(there are exhibits too, I’m downloading now)

Methinks somebody is a little bit worried.

… to be continued…

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