Order to Show Cause – Prairie Island Indian Community and U-CAN

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Posting from DECC in Duluth, finally found a place with access, and this is what just came out over the wire::

Notice & Order to Show Cause – Prairie Island Indian Communmity

Notice & Order to Show Cause – U-CAN

In short, they’ve not appeared (U-CAN did appear at the evidentiary hearing), and the ALJ is requesting that they:

By August 16, 2008, (the Prairie Island Indian Community/U-CAN) shall file a Memorandum and Supporting Affidavit specifying the relevant information that it intends to offer into the record during the evidentiary hearing, a detailed explanation of the role that it intends to play in evaluating the evidence provided, and explaining why it should remain as a full party, or requesting withdrawal as a party.

… sigh…. U-CAN are landowners in condemnation court over the MinnCan pipeline, directly affected, meaning they now have 20 foot high piles of dirt in their yard because a pipeline is going in, and their energies have been focused on that project.  In the midst of that fight, they received notice that their land was also targeted by CapX 2020 for a transmission line.  How much can people take?  How much can they do?  And how can they afford representation in this mess?  Paula Maccabee, the other day, asked a witness whether they’d heard of “Corridor Fatigue.”  They had, and describing it, said essentially that where a corridor goes through, and then another, that people just can’t handle it, can’t participate fully because they’re already mired in the initial condemnation proceedigns… it’s too much…  Well, this seems to me to be a case of Corridor Fatigue.  We’ll see how this goes.

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