Anthrax fields of Scott County

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Did you know there are Anthrax Fields in Scott County?  These are fields where cows with anthrax were buried years ago, mainly in the 1930s, but before and after too.  I learned of this over the weekend while on a guided tour looking at the MinnCan pipeline route and comparing that with the proposed route for CapX’s “Brookings” line.  That comparison is not a pretty site, because the pipeline is now a corridor, and putting transmission foundations in an anthrax field would not be good.  “Avoidance criteria,” eh?

Now, look at the map in this Anthrax Mitigation Report:

Anthrax Mitigation Plan – January 2007

… and compare with the CapX 2020 map above — yesterday at the hearing, the state’s “environmental” guru who wrote the “Environmental Report” knew nothing about Anthrax Fields — you’d think something like that would be important enough to include in the report.  Goes to show you don’t think!!

The MinnCan pipeline went right through an Anthrax Field, bored through it rather than dig it up and drop the pipe in a trench like they did elsewhere, and it happens to be at the intersection of the pipeline and the Wilmarth transmission line (and the Jordan slew too), and I’ve got this feeling that it’s going to be the site of the “Helena” substation too.  Watch…

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