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Oh, this gets complicated… get out your scorecards, and there will be a test later.

This is about the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s routing decision and Order on the CapX 2020 Hampton-Rochester-La Crosse transmission line.  The PUC decided on May 30, 2012, where it wanted to put the route, and issued a permit:

PUC Order – Part I – Order

PUC Order – Part II – Permit

PUC Order – Part III – Maps, Legend & North to Middle

PUC Order – Part IIIb – Maps, 345 kV Middle to River, and 161 kV

First Oronoco Township appealed the White Bridge Road part of Segment 3:

Oronoco Township Appeal – filed September 7, 2012

Then St. Paul’s Lutheran School and School and Cannon Falls Landowners filed an appeal of the area around Highway 19 and Highway 52 near Cannon Falls:

St. Paul’s Lutheran School and Church and Cannon Falls Landowners Appeal – filed September 12, 2012

St. Paul’s, et al., Corrected Writ, Cover and Affidavit of Service

Then Laymen for Christ o/o of Woodland Camp filed its response to the Oronoco Township Appeal:

Layment for Christ o/o of Woodland Camp – Statement of Case filed September 21, 2012

And also in response to the filings, Xcel Energy/NSP/whatever filed too:

Northern States Power’s Statement of the Case filed September 21, 2012

So we got Xcel’s — and where is the Statement of the Case for the Public Utilities Commission?  It’s Tuesday, still nothing.  But Wednesday arrived and so did the PUC’s Statement of the Case for A12-1632, the Cannon Falls appeal.

PUC Statement of the Case A12-1632 – Septmber 25, 2012

I sent another email to Gary Cunningham and Jeanne Cochran, the PUC’s Asst. A.G. about receiving one, but not the other.  Who knows…

IT ARRIVED!  The PUC’s Statement of the Case for the Oronoco Township appeal:

PUC Statement of the Case – A12-1607

Check out p. 3, second paragraph, and note the reference to 1P-003.  WRONG CASE! AAAAAAAARGH…

To see what’s been filed (though you don’t get a PDF unless it’s a court order) go HERE and plug in either A12-1607 for the Oronoco Township appeal, and A12-1632 for the St. Paul’s/Cannon Falls appeal.

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