“Buy the Farm” passes in House & Senate

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It died in conference committee, where it was in the House Environment and Ag Finance bill and not in Senate, and was removed utterly in the conference committee.  But surprise, thanks to Sen. Kevin Dahle it was amended into HF 854, the Energy Ominous (Omnibus) bill, and it passed, 49-16.

Here’s the language and the votes:

Senate Journal, p. 229-230, Sunday May 19, 2013

Then the next day, it passed in the House, 114-18:

House Journal, p. 6435, May 20, 2013


Now Dayton has to sign it!

From Cedar Summit Farms:

MN Legislature Passes “Buy the Farm” Bill

This means so much to each and every one of the thousands of landowners affected by CapX 2020 and all the other big transmission projects coming down the pike.  THANK YOU!!!

Please send a note to Sen. Kevin Dahle (sen.kevin.dahle@senate.mn) and Rep. David Bly (rep.david.bly@house.mn) for all their hard work on this and for persistence over the long haul and fighting to the very end, making it happen!!!

And pay attention to who voted against it — utility toadies all — in the Senate:

And who voted against it in the House:

Hey – Hey, Ho – Ho, utility toadies got to GO!

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