PUC answers Oronoco’s Petition to MN Supreme Court

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It’s filed, the Public Utilities Commission’s Answer to Oronoco Township’s Petition to the Supreme Court for review of the routing decision over the White Bridge Road in Oronoco.

Public Utilities Commission Response to Oronoco Petition to Supreme Court

I expect Xcel to file one too, but maybe not.  The possibility of the Supreme Court taking on this case is slim to none because it’s an Administrative decision, and the Appellate Court gives great deference to the agency decision, and the Supreme Court?  It’s not about to act on an administrative case with a unanimous decision.  It just doesn’t happen — and it’s not like the Court of Appeals where they have to take whatever comes its way — the Supreme Court gets to pick and choose.  I’m really surprised Oronoco filed the Petition, but oh well… guess they can afford it…

Here’s Oronoco’s Petition:

Oronoco Petition to Supreme Court

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