Subpoena request for US Fish & Wildlife

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I’m sick, can’t sleep at all, and so I got something done that’s needed doing for a while now, since that Henderson hearing last week when the April 30, 2009 US Fish & Wildlife letter was disclosed.  Here’s the letter:

April 30 USFWS letter

So based on that, and a later disclosed November 30, 2009 letter and a couple of others too, October 6 or so, and maybe one from March (don’t have them here… sigh…) here’s the Subpoena Request, just filed:

Subpoena Request Cover Letter

Subpoena Request – USFWS

Their testimony is important – and to think it took a citizen to stand up and get this info in the record!  Without Delores Hagen and her 4×5 posterboard of the April 30, 2009 letter, we’d never have known.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s the notes from yesterdayDecember 17 ROUGH hearing notes – check out Dave Seykora, DOT, at the end:

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  1. I was at the meeting and noticed what great job you are doing. You really have a gift when it comes to questioning folks and standing up for us people. It seems you are a natural litigator with a magical presence – fantastic! You get my vote for the ggreatest lawyer in Minnesota. I’m wowed!

    Comment by Bud Langdon — December 18, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

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