Fargo- Xcel’s minor route changes & PUC rejects late Reconsideration

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There’s also been some things happening on the Fargo route.  The decision came down some time ago, June 23, 2011, with some additional time for Reconsideration because the state was shut down.  Route changes first.  Xcel filed a HUGE packet of minor route changes, minor in the cosmic realm of things, but awfully important to those affected:

Xcel Route Adjustments:

Cover Letter Requesting Amendment 20119-66518-01

2 – 3 20119-66518-02

4- 5 20119-66518-03

6 8 9W 20119-66518-04

9C 20119-66518-05

11-13 20119-66518-06

15 20119-66518-07 (at issue in Undersander filings below)

And here are the Motions for Amendment of Permit, PUC’s Rejection as untimely, and Undersander’s Response:

Undersander 20119-66344-01

Eikmeier 20119-66344-02

Undersander2 20119-66344-03

Weisbrich 20119-66344-04

Richert O’Neil 20119-66344-05

PUC Haar’s Letter- rejecting as untimely:

PUC Letter to Undersander, et al 20119-66560-01

And then the plot thickens:

Undersannder Reply to PUC’s Haar 20119-66620-01

Will keep you posted with any additional filings!  I want to see what that “AG investigation” means!

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